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PET Felt

PET Felt is a sustainable acoustic material made from recycled PET bottles. PET Felt offers the perfect solution for the design and production of our acoustic lighting collection for several reasons. It is acoustic, soft, strong and durable and thanks to these properties it is easy to process and applicable for our collection of acoustic lighting.

PET Felt consists of approximately 60% post-consumer PET. Lumenear designs and makes lighting from PET Felt in the Netherlands, we do this from the perspective of sustainability, where in principle nothing is added to the material. We design constructions and fixings by folding, clamping or inserting the material. For example, our product is fully recyclable again at the end of its life.

PET felt is made from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable after end of life, our eco-friendly production process uses low energy, no wastewater, emissions, waste or adhesive.


100% polyester (PET) approx. 60% recycled fibers

1900 grams/m2

190 kg/m3

Tested according to EN-ISO 354:2003 aw=0.45

Fire resistance:
Fire class B approved: EN13501-1 Class B-s1-d0

Water repellent:
PET Felt is water repellent


*Our lamps are made from recycled material. There may be differences between different production batches in color. PET Felt has a clear fiber direction that per side of the material may differ. The extent to which this is visible differs per color.

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